Shel Talmy's Discography (1970-2023) Click here for Part 1 (1961-1969)
Artist name Title Date U.K. label and # U.S. label and # Notes
Anaconda Unreleased album c. 1971     Unreleased album produced by Talmy & Hugh Murphy
Audience None c. 1970     Talmy had agreed to produce this band, but changed his mind before anything was completed
Axiom My Baby's Gone/ Hold The Phone 1/71 Warner Bros. 8021 Warner Bros. 7473 Australian band featuring Glenn Shorrock from the Little River Band; A: Phil Dennis (Dennys?)
Axiom Father Confessor/ Time And Time Again 9/71 Warner Bros. 6134   Released in Australia only?
Axiom IF ONLY... 9/71 Warner WS 3009   The band broke up before the album was released
The Band Of Joy THE BAND OF JOY 1978 Polydor 2310 588 Polydor PD-1-6133 Talmy credited for "Mixing And Post Recording Production"; 2005 CD re-issue includes bonus track "Lonely Nights"
The Band Of Joy 3 A.M. In The City/ Like A River 1978   Polydor 14495 Produced and Arranged: "Band Of Joy"
J.J. Barrie Boys Will Be Boys/ {I Don't Wanna Play House Today} 9/76 Power Exchange PX 232   P: Talmy; A: Tom Parker; B-side produced by Bill Amesbury
J.J. Barrie DID I FORGET TO SAY THANK YOU 1/77 Power Exchange PXL 010   P: Talmy; A: Tom Parker
J.J. Barrie "Top Ten Fool" E.P. 1/77 Power Exchange PXE 100   Labels credit Talmy for all 4 songs; other 45s credit Bill Amesbury as producer for "Send Me..." and "Till You're..."
J.J. Barrie I Love You/ {Late Night Movies} 5/77 Power Exchange PX 259   P: Talmy; A: Tom Parker
Jay Bastos Let Me Love/ Summerdream 1977 Crystal 006 CRY 31 918 (Ger.)   A: Tom Parker
Jay Bastos {Just Be Crazy}/ I Do Believe I'm Happy 1977 Crystal 006 CRY 31 999 (Ger.)   A: Tom Parker
Shelley Berman LIVE AGAIN! 5/95   Chuckle 3373 Re-issued in 2007 as "Live At The Improv" (Varese Sarabande VSD-6812)
The Blues Project LAZARUS 1971   Capitol 872 The group says Talmy's contribution was minimal
Tiffany Bolling Four Things A Woman Should Know N.R.     One of 4 unreleased tracks recorded in L.A. in the '80s
Joe Brown The Boxer/ {You Are The Music In My World} 4/77 Power Exchange PX 252   P: Talmy (A); A: Shel Talmy & The Band (A); B-side produced by Brown
Vicki Brown FROM THE INSIDE 1977 Power Exchange PXL 012   ex-Breakaway & Vernons Girl; w/ Steve Marriott on backing vocals; released in Germany, Canada, and other countries
Vicki Brown From The Inside/ (The Worst You Ever Gave Me Was) The Best I Ever Had 1977 Power Exchange PX 245    
Ronan Browne & The Patriot Corp SALUTE TO THE BRAVE 2005 Brentwood 40945   Possibly recorded c. 2000 (or, Talmy may have produced additional recordings with Browne in 2000)
Robbie Burns Oh My Soul/ Lebelia's One Man Band  1971 AZ SG 381 (France)   Also released in Germany (Bellaphon BF 18102)
Cast In Cement Unreleased album 1992 Curb   Recorded in 1991-92, featuring singer Bart Rhodes (Bart Plaskoff) and Nicky Hopkins
Brian Chatter Band Walk Away Renee N.R.     From unreleased sessions in 1981
Richard Cocciante Unknown N.R.     Talmy reportedly produced Cocciante in 1977
Cotton Socks Tired Of Waiting/ At Last I've Got Someone To Love 1971 Bell BLL 1143   A-side is Kinks cover; the songs are reportedly outtakes by Wild Silk from 1968-1969
Coven BLOOD ON THE SNOW 1974   Buddah BDS-5614  
Coven I Need A Hundred Of You/ {One Tin Soldier} 1974   Buddah BDA-440  
Coven I Need A Hundred Of You/ Blood On The Snow 1975 Buddah BDS-417    
The Mick Cox Band THE MICK COX BAND 1973   Capitol ST-11175  
The Mick Cox Band Stuck On You/ (Interstellar) Ranger 7/73   Capitol P-3675  
Cran BLACK BLACK BLACK 9/98 Claddagh CC63 CD   Traditional Irish group
The Damned Stretcher Case Baby/ {Sick Of Being Sick} 7/77   Stiff DAMNED 1 P: Talmy (A); Talmy produced a version of the B-side which was released in 1985
The Damned "New Rose" E.P. 11/85   Stiff Buyit 238 Producer for "Stretcher Case Baby" and "Sick Of Being Sick"
Greg Darling GREG DARLING 9/94     This may not have been released; date may be 1997
Diabolus DIABOLUS 1971 Bellaphon BLPS 19068 (Ger.)   The album was also known as "High Tones"
Doggerel Bank  SILVER FACES 1973 Charisma CAS 1079   P: Hugh Murphy and Tom Parker (published by Hush Music)
Doggerel Bank  Tiny Seed Of Love/ Down On The Farm 1973 Charisma CB 220   P: Hugh Murphy and Tom Parker (published by Hush Music); A-side covered by John Inman in 1976 (P: Murphy)
Doggerel Bank  MISTER SKILLICORN DANCES 1975 Charisma CAS 1102   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions
Ecotour WEEKEND GURU 1990   Chameleon 74833  Talmy may have also produced a 2nd album by the group
Ecotour Go To The Lake And Breathe/ Where You Belong 1990   Chameleon K10365 Possibly released in Australia only
Blair Emry Annabelle/ Driving On The Wrong Side 5/70 Bell BLL 1112   A: Phil Denys; Co-W: Talmy (B); released in Germany, UK
Everett Coast "The Shel Talmy Sessions" E.P. 2017      
Ex-Directory FORMER DIRECTOR 7/1/2022     Previously-unreleased disco album from 1978
Faint Heart And Fair Lady Band So Long Susie/ Sing A Little Sunshine Song 1970   Bell B-906  
Duncan Faure COME 'N GET IT 1993   AVC Entertainment Also known as "Let It Be Right"
The Fifth Estate TIME TUNNEL 12/2011   Roxon RR1001 Talmy mixed the album and was also Executive Producer
Findo Gask Dr. Phinn's Elixor/ Pay Your Respects 1975 Pink Elephant PE 22.082 (Neth.)   P: Hugh Murphy for HUSH Productions LTD; band featured Davey Pattison of Sunday
Flick {The End}/ Anyway Anyhow Anywhere  1998   Columbia CS7 41319 B-side is cover of Who song
Sarah Fisher You Don't Own Me; Bleeding 2020     P: Talmy/Danny Byrne
Noosha Fox "Back Here In England…" [E.P.] 2022 Shel Talmy Productions   From unreleased sessions in April 1978
Dan Frechette Demos N/A     Talmy produced sessions with Frechette in July 1998; some tracks later uploaded to
Follow The Buffalo September Song/ Long Gone Stayed At Home 5/71 Warner Brothers WB 8027    
Follow The Buffalo FOLLOW THE BUFFALO 2023     Unreleased album from 1971
Foresight FORESIGHT [Featuring Wayne Grajeda] 1974 Warner Brothers? (K 46287?)   The album was canceled shortly after demo copies were pressed; Talmy licensed it to streaming services in 2022
Rhett Forrester EVEN THE SCORE 1988   Rampage 70840 Talmy credited for Mastering
Fumble POETRY IN LOTION 1974 RCA SF 8403 RCA LPL1-5082 A: Tom Parker
Fumble Not Fade Away/ After The Dance 10/74 RCA 2479   Also released in France (RCA 42513)
Fumble Don't Take Love/ So Long Marilyn 2/75 RCA 2512   Talmy produced both tracks
The Fuzztones IN HEAT 1989 Situation Two SITU 23 Beggars Banquet 9808 Talmy is credited on CD
The Fuzztones Hurt On Hold/ Jack The Ripper 1989 Situation Two SIT 58    
The Fuzztones "Hurt On Hold" 12-inch E.P. 1989 Situation Two SIT 58T   With "I Can't Control Myself"
The Fuzztones Nine Months Later/ You Must Be A Witch 1989 Situation Two SIT 61   B-side is non-album track
The Fuzztones "Nine Months Later" 12-inch EP 1989 Situation Two SIT 61T   P: Talmy (A1,B1), Jordan Tarlow (B2); "Down On The Street" was mixed by Talmy and Tarlow
The Fuzztones "Nine Months Later" 10-inch picture disk 1989 Situation Two SIT 61P   Talmy produced the title track and co-mixed the live version of "Down On The Street"; "In Heat" is apparently an alternate version of the song
Wayne Grajeda Just Like In The Movies/ The Common Cause 5/10/74 Warner Bros. K 16380   P: Shel Talmy for Ricochet Productions; planned LP shelved
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band HOT CITY - THE 1974 UNRELEASED ALBUM 2009 MLP MLP18CD   The band recorded an entire album with Talmy, but decided to re-record it with a different producer; the original recordings were finally released in 2009
Scottie Haskell Air That I Breathe; Taking A Chance On Love N.R.     Unreleased session recorded in Los Angeles in 1990s
Lee Hazlewood COWBOY IN SWEDEN 9/70   LHI LHI-3101 Talmy listed as associate producer (LP has "What's More I Don't Need Her"; unsure if he had further involvement)
Hidden Charms Dreaming Of Another Girl/ Long Way Down 7/24/15   B3SCI B3SR 019 Produced and Mixed by Shel Talmy
Hidden Charms Lady Like You N.R.     Recorded with above single along with other tracks
Hollywood Open Your Heart/ Love Don't Come Easy 8/78 Pye 7N 46114   P: Talmy
Christine Holmes A Shoulder To Cry On N/A     Prev. unreleased, May 1970; on "Shel's Girls" CD; W: Talmy
The Hypnotics Unknown c. 1989     Talmy made plans to produce The Hypnotics c. 1989; unsure if anything was released (or recorded)
The Interpreters I Remember/ Dogskin Report 1997   Volcano 61422-34269-7 Talmy produced additional songs that weren't released
Jackson Heights THE FIFTH AVENUE BUS 1972 Vertigo 6360 067   Hush Music published several tracks (P: Lee Jackson)
Jackson Heights RAGAMUFFINS FOOL [aka "JACKSON HEIGHTS"] 1972 Vertigo 6360 077 Verve V6-5089 Hush Music published several tracks (P: Lee Jackson)
Jackson Heights BUMP 'N' GRIND 1973 Vertigo 6360 092   Hush Music published several tracks (P: Lee Jackson)
Gordon Jackson On The Road To Munich/ The Boardroom Reel 4/26/74 Mooncrest MOON 24   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions Ltd.; A: Jim Parker
Jim Jamison WHEN LOVE COMES DOWN 10/91   Scotti Bros. 75220 ex-Survivor singer (aka Jimi Jamison)
Jon and The Nightriders "Splashback" 12-inch E.P. 1982   Invasion INV-2 Surf group
Jon and The Nightriders CHARGE OF THE NIGHTRIDERS 1983   Enigma 17 Talmy also played tambourine
Jon and The Nightriders ?Storm Dancer N.R.?     Apparently Talmy produced a version of this song
Kamahl She's Not Easy/ Sing A Song Of Love 12/76 Philips 6037 086   MD: Tom Parker; B-side released in New Zealand as "Si Charmont Est Ton Amour" (Philips 6037110)
Paul Karas I'd Like To Be You For A Day/ My Columbine 1977 Chelsea CHS 3054   P: Talmy; A: Tom Parker
Kid Gloves KID GLOVES 6/72   Buddah BDS 5124 Talmy was Executive Producer and also did mixing (P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions; A: Tom Parker)
King Fun Unknown c. 1987     Unreleased session recorded in Los Angeles in 1987
Kristine Late Night Movies/ {Granpa (Tell Me One More Story)} 6/25/76 Power Exchange PX 221   This is Kristine Sparkle, aka Christine Holmes; P: Shel Talmy for Chappell/Robinson/Sparkle (A); A: Tom Parker
Kristine Pussycat Tiger/ {Devil Woman} 10/1/76 Power Exchange PX 229   P: Talmy (A); A: Tom Parker; B-side produced by Tommy Scott
Kristine Photo Album/ {Just A Few Words} 2/18/77 Power Exchange PX 241 Power Exchange PX-241 (Can.) P: Talmy (A), Don Gould (B); A: Tom Parker (A); Canada pressing has "I'm A Song" on B-side
Kristine Photo Album/ {Devil Woman} 1976   20th Century TC-2323  
Kristine I'M A SONG 1976 Power Exchange PXL 003   German pressing (MFP 97 601) has different tracklist and does not credit Talmy
Little Big Horn Another Man's Song/ Just A Game 7/3/70 Polydor 2058.042 Fantasy 650 This was Wild Silk under a new name; P: Hugh Murphy
Little Big Horn LITTLE BIG HORN 1971 Bellaphon BLPS 19067 (Ger.)   P: Hugh Murphy for Shel Talmy Productions; 2020-22 LP (Sommor SOMM065) & online reissues have bonus tracks
Rich Little UNCLEAR & PRESIDENT DANGER 1994   Orchard Lane Music 7506  
Magic Alley Set Yourself Free/ The Answer Lies In Love 1970   Bell B-919  
McKail You Really Got Me 9/12/21     Released on streaming services in 2021
Ralph McTell {Heroes And Villains}/ Sweet Girl On My Mind 11/17/78 Warner K 17274   P: Talmy/McTell (B); from March 1976 album sessions at IBC Studios
Ralph McTell I Fall To Pieces/ {I'm Not A Rock} 1982 Mays ING 2   P: McTell/Talmy (A); from 1976 sessions for unreleased LP
Ralph McTell TEQUILA SUNSET 2/1/22     Aborted 1976 LP; released to streaming services in 2022
Men Of Steel Hail Superman/ Keep On Movin' To The Music 12/78 Jet S JET 133   Featuring former Creation guitarist Eddie Phillips
Nancy Boy PROMOSEXUAL 11/95 Equator BEND 001   Band featured Jason Nesmith (son of Michael Nesmith) and Donovan Leitch, Jr.
Nancy Boy "Are 'Friends' Electric?" CD single #1 1995 Equator NBOYCD002   Other versions of the EP may have also been issued
Nancy Boy "Are 'Friends' Electric?" CD single #2 1995 Equator NBOYCDR002   Other versions of the EP may have also been issued
Nancy Boy "Johnny Chrome And Silver" 12-inch single 1996   Sire 5880 This may be promo-only
Nancy Boy "Johnny Chrome And Silver" CD single 1996 Equator NBOYCD 001   Also released on 7" (NBOYS 001) & 10" (NBOYX 001)
Nancy Boy NANCY BOY 5/96   Sire 61895  
Nancy Boy Deep Sleep Motel/ Automaker We 1996   Elektra EKR224C Released on cassette only?
Nancy Boy "Deep Sleep Motel" CD E.P. 1996   Elektra This may be promo-only
Nancy Boy "Deep Sleep Motel" CD single 1996   Elektra This may be promo-only
Dennis Neal Cara Mia/ Circus Riders 1975 Charisma CB 259   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions Ltd
Dennis Neal Nothing Good Comes Easy/ Move With The Light 7/9/76 Charisma CB 288   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions Ltd
Rab Noakes Clear Day/ {Wrong Joke Again} 1974 Warner Bros. K16361   Talmy: tambourine (he reportedly didn't produce this); "Red Pump Special" LP credits him for this song but no others
Osibisa Black Ant/ Kotoko 7/2/71 Smoke SS 1001   Talmy was label's managing director & sourced these songs, but didn't produce them (P: Dave Watson); see also: Simba
The Pandamonium THE UNRELEASED ALBUM 7/23/04   Radioactive RRCD070 [CD], RRLP070 [LP] Prev.-unreleased album rec. 1970, featuring Bob Ponton, Martin Curtis & Valerie Cope (band aka "Ponton, Curtis & Cope"); co-producer: Hugh Murphy
Eddy Phillips Limbo Jimbo/ Change My Ways 5/76 Charisma CB 283   ex-Creation guitarist (A-side is a reggae re-write of "Painter Man"!)
Eddie Phillips City Woman/ Duckin' & Weavin' 1977   Casablanca NB 898  
Eddie Phillips I Don't Know How You Feel N.R.     Unreleased track from 1976
Eddie Phillips Be-Bop Mary Ann N.R.     Unreleased track from 1976
Platinum Without You/ If You Saw Johnny Now 4/17/70 Bell BLL 1104 Bell B-881 A: Phil Dennys; W: P. Green/P. Peters/S. Talmy (B)
Ponton, Curtis & Cope Unreleased album N.R.     See Pandamonium
Porky I'm An Artist/ Flag 6/30/71   Bell 983  
Tim Rose LOVE - A KIND OF HATE STORY 1970   Capitol ST 22673  
Tim Rose I've Gotta Get A Message To You/ Jamie Sue 1970   Capitol 3001  
Tim Rose I've Gotta Get A Message To You/ Ode To An Old Ball 11/70 Capitol CL 15664   A: Phil Dennys
Rumplestiltskin RUMPLESTILTSKIN 5/70 Bell SBLL 130 Bell 6047  
Rumplestiltskin Rumplestiltskin/ Squadron Leader Johnson 4/3/70 Bell BLL 1101    
Rumplestiltskin BLACK MAGICIAN 1971 Bellaphon BLPS 19 082 (Ger.)    
Rumplestiltskin Wimoweh/ Through My Looking Glass 1971 Bell BLL 1157   P: Talmy; A: Talmy/Rumplestiltskin (A)
Seanor & Koss SEANOR & KOSS 1972   Reprise MS 2091 ex-Savage Grace members
Seanor & Koss Mystery Train/ Babylon 1972   Reprise REP 1114 The A-side is not a version of the Elvis song
Seanor & Koss Detroit City N.R.?     Talmy says he produced a song with this title, but no song with that title was released on the "Seanor & Koss" album
Sex Clark Five WFMU MONSTER SESSION 2014   Records To Russia RTR-0724 The CD credits Talmy as "Production Advisor"; alternate title is "WFMU Radio Session"
Shepstone and Dibbens Moment Of Truth/ Shady Lady 10/72 Motors MT 4044 (France) Big Tree 152 (promo only?) US promo 45 (with "MoT" on both sides) credits "H. Murphy & S. Talmy for Hush Productions"; French 45 credits Hugh Murphy only; US stock copies may not exist; duo of Mike Shepstone (ex-The Rokes) and Paul J. Dibbens
Shepstone & Dibbens Shady Lady/ China Heart 1973 Polydor 2001 482 Buddah BDA 379 P: Hugh Murphy For Hush Productions Ltd.
Shepstone and Dibbens SHEPSTONE AND DIBBENS [aka "SHADY LADY"] 1973 Polydor 2374 108 (Ger.)   P: Hugh Murphy; released in Germany/Holland/Belgium; Talmy licensed the tracks to streaming services in 2022
Shepstone & Dibbens Please Tell Her I Said Hello/ Just Another Day 6/7/74 Polydor 2001 528   P: Hugh Murphy For Hush Productions Ltd.
Shepstone & Dibbens When The Band Starts To Play/ Please Tell Her 1974 Polydor 2014 119 (Ger., Austria, Italy   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions; French 45 (Motors MT 4.055) calls A-side "Listen To The Band"
Shepstone & Dibbens Please Tell Me/ Transatlantic Flight 1974 Pink Elephant PE 22.833Y (Bel.)   P: Hush Productions; A-side is apparently same song as "Please Tell Her..."
Shepstone & Dibbens Green, Green Eyes/ Berlin Lady 1975 Pink Elephant PE 22.080 (Neth.)   P: Hugh Murphy & Jonathan Rowlands for Hush Productions LTD
Shepstone & Dibbens Tambourine/ Berlin Lady 1976 Jupiter 16 947 AT (Ger.)   "An Original Hush Productions, London"
Shepstone & Dibbens It's So Hard Without You/ When We Say Goodbye 1976 Motors MT 4.083 (France)   P: Jonathan Rowlands (A), Hugh Murphy (B), for Hush Prod. LTD (A&B); B-side aka "...Said Goodbye"
Shepstone & Dibbens Green, Green Eyes/ Diamond Thief Jan-77 Jupiter 11 314 AT (Ger.)   P: Jonathan Rowlands & Hugh Murphy
Simba Louie Louie/ Movin' 1971 Fire FIR 100   P: David Watson for Shel Talmy Productions; Afro-rock recording, featuring members of Jade Warrior and Assagai; some copies may be one-sided, omitting "Movin'"
The Small Faces Lookin' For A Love/ {Kayoed (By Luv)} 1977 Atlantic K 10983   "Co-Produced by Kemastri and Shel Talmy"; Talmy was originally slated to produce a full album but the plan was scrapped due to issues with Steve Marriott
The Small Faces Don't Lie To Me N.R.     Unreleased track from same session as "Lookin' For A Love"; Chuck Berry cover
The Small Faces ??78 IN THE SHADE 1978 Atlantic K 50468 Atlantic SD 19171 Band member Ian McLagan once said "Shel Talmy helped out on '78 In The Shade'", but he may have been thinking of the "Lookin' For A Love" or unreleased '76 instrumentals
Smiley Penelope/ I Know What I Want  1972 Philips 6006 206   P: Talmy/Hugh Murphy; featuring Bob Garner from The Creation (also, the A-side was written by Creation's Kenny Pickett)
Smiley Sing Your Song/ Nobody Wants To Know 1973 Finger 2046 028 (Ger.)   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions
Joanie Sommers Let's Walk Together; Best Years Of My Life N.R.     From unreleased session, April 1975
Sorrows LOVE TOO LATE 3/81   Pavillion JZ-37015 Retro-merseybeat group from U.S.
Sorrows Christabelle/ Street Punk Blues 1981 Carrere 49.712 (Fr.) Pavillion ZS6 02067 US 45 may be promo only (w/ "Christabelle" on both sides)
Sorrows Cryin' Time/ Street Punk Blues 1981   Pavillion ZS6 6409  
Spreadeagle THE PIECE OF PAPER 4/72 Charisma CAS 1055 Buddah/Charisma CAS 1055  
Spreadeagle How Can We Be Lost/ Nightmare 6/9/72 Charisma CB 183    
Spyda Unreleased recordings N.R.     At least 2 unreleased songs were produced by Hugh Murphy (for Talmy) in 1972 ("Pedantica" & "My Friend Yesterday")
SSHH ISSUES 2017     Talmy reportedly mixed the track "Tin Soldier"
Mark Stein Long And Winding Road/ Killing Me Softly With His Song 10/75 Phil Spector International 2010 008   "Produced by Shel Talmy for Phil Spector International"; this may have also been released as 2010 009
Mark Stein Long And Winding Road/ Best Years Of My Life 1975 Phil Spector International 2010 008   This may not have been released, or it may be promo-only
Shaun Stewart A Song For Spring N.R.     Unreleased track from 1972; Stewart (aka John Weddepohl) later joined Hot R.S. and had a hit with "Delta Queen" in 1977
Strangers In A Strange Land Broken Tambourine; Poison Chalice; Ring My Bell; If I Stay Too Long 2020     Duo of Paul Kopf and Alec Palao; "Ring My Bell" is Bee Gees cover, with ex-Bee Gee Vince Melouney on guitar
Stray STRAY 1970 Transatlantic TRA 216   P: Hugh Murphy for Shel Talmy Productions
Stray Only What You Make It/ Around The World In Eighty Days 1971 Transatlantic (Spain/Japan)   Released in Spain & Japan (IRR-10402); also UK promo & German 45 (Metronome M 25 286) b/w "Time Machine"
String Driven Thing STRING DRIVEN THING 10/72 Charisma CAS 1062 Buddah/Charisma CAS 1062  
String Driven Thing Eddie/ Hooked On The Road 11/72 Charisma CB 196    
String Driven Thing Circus/ My Real Hero 2/73 Charisma CB 203    
String Driven Thing Circus/ Hooked On The Road 1973   Charisma 102  
String Driven Thing THE MACHINE THAT CRIED 8/73 Charisma CAS 1070 Famous Charisma FC 6063  
String Driven Thing Are You A Rock And Roller/ Night Club 8/73 Charisma CB 210    
String Driven Thing It's A Game/ Are You A Rock And Roller 9/7/73 Charisma CB 215   Talmy produced both tracks
String Driven Thing {I'll Sing One For You}/ To See You 3/8/74 Charisma CB 223   P: Hugh Murphy (A), Talmy (B)
String Driven Thing Cruel To Fool/ {Josephine} 6/76 Charisma CB 286 20th Century TC-2300 Talmy produced the A-side
String Driven Thing DI$COTOMY - THE RARITIES 1971-1974 2003? SPM WWR 0038   Includes numerous tracks produced by Talmy, some of which are previously-unreleased
Laurie Styvers SPILT MILK 1971 Chrysalis CHR 1007 Warner Bros. WS 1946 P: Hugh Murphy for Shel Talmy Productions
Laurie Styvers Beat The Reaper/ You Keep Coming Home In The Mornings 1972 Chrysalis CHS 2002   Talmy is not mentioned on the labels
Laurie Styvers THE COLORADO KID 1973 Chrysalis CHR 1038   P: Hugh Murphy for Hush Productions Ltd.
Laurie Styvers GEMINI GIRL [2-CDs] 2/17/23 High Moon   Compilation including several previously-unreleased tracks
Sunday SUNDAY 1971 Bellaphon BLPS 19066 (Ger.)   P: Hugh Murphy for Shel Talmy Productions
Alana Sweetwater Unknown       Sweetwater did one session with Talmy sometime in the '90s; unsure if the songs were released
Shel Talmy Vodka 2020     Instrumental, released online; W: Talmy/Daniel Byrne
Trash N-N-E-R-V-O-U-S/ Page 3 (Dumb Blondes) 1978 Polydor 2059 013    
Trax Wasn't It Nice?/ {Black Boy} 7/74 Fresh Air 6121 108   P: Shel Talmy for Tony Hall Productions; A: Trax
Gordon Turner MEDITATION (A System Of Meditation By Three-Fold Attunement) 3/70 Charisma CAS 1009 Transatlantic/ Elysion ER 1000 P: Shel Talmy Productions; Talmy may have produced 3 additional albums by Turner
Gordon Turner SLEEP 1971 Transatlantic/ Elysion SST 1001   P: Shel Talmy Productions; Talmy may have produced 3 additional albums by Turner
Van Der Graaf Generator THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS WAVE TO EACH OTHER 2/70 Charisma CAS 1007 [withdrawn]   Talmy was hired c. 12/69 to remix the album; his mix appeared on 1st pressing but was quickly withdrawn; it was released on CD in 2005 ("The Flat Mix By Shel Talmy")
Various THE CHRYSALIS COMPENDIUM - THE SOUND OF HUSH [2-LP promo] 1975 Chrysalis CHM 3   This appears to be a collection of demos recorded for Talmy's company ("Hush Music Ltd" is credited as publisher); Talmy and Murphy are mentioned on sleeve
Various Unreleased songs published by Hush Music       Talmy's company registered many songs in 1973-74 which have never been released
Velvet Glove Sweet Was My Rose/ Roll Me Down A Little Sunshine 2/74 Fresh Air 6121 105 Epic 8-50058 P: Shel Talmy for Tony Hall Productions; A: Tom Parker
Velvet Glove The Last Day Of Summer/ She's Alright 9/74 Fresh Air 6121 113   P: Shel Talmy for Tony Hall Prods; A: Tom Parker
Velvet Glove SWEET WAS MY ROSE 1974 Fresh Air 6370 502   Folk duo comprised of Ken Leray and Roger Spooner
Velvet Glove Bell's Of The Mission/ Oldham's Market Day 2/75 Fresh Air 6121 118   P: Shel Talmy for Tony Hall Productions; A: Tom Parker
Velvet Glove Ebony Eyes N/A     Outtake; bonus track on 2022 online version of their album
The Waymores GREENER PASTURES 9/22/23   Chicken Ranch 1166  
Huski Wells Can't Be Satisfied/ {Don't Tell Me Now} 4/19/74 Seven Sun SSUN 8   Not produced by Talmy, but the song was published by Hush Music (W: Kenny Pickett of The Creation)
Wheatstone Bridge Give Me Some More Of Your Love/ So Long Judy 6/70   Bell B-890 P: Talmy; W: Greene/Talmy (A&B); also released in South Africa (Stateside JSS 1275) & Australia (Bell BLL-9156)
Chris White Spanish Wine/ She's Only Dancing 1/76 Charisma CB 272   Not the same Chris White from The Zombies; P: Talmy
Chris White Natural Rhythm/ Another Little Miracle 5/76 Charisma CB 282   P: Talmy; A: Tom Parker
Chris White Don't Look Down/ Summertime, Summertime 8/76 Charisma CB 294   P: Talmy
Chris White MOUTH MUSIC 9/76 Charisma CAS 1118   P: Talmy; A: White/Talmy/Parker ("Swing Low...")
Mandi Wilson & Canticle Ray Of Sunshine/ Who Put The Light Out 1973 Young Blood International YB 1048 20th Century TC-2005 P: Hugh Murphy & Shel Talmy for Hush Productions (per US 45); other 45s credit Murphy only; US 45 lists artist as Canticle and spells B-side as "Someone Put..."
Mandi Wilson LADY SUNSHINE [aka "MANDI WILSON"] 1973 Finger 2396 106 (Ger.)   P: Hugh Murphy; released in Germany/Holland/Belgium; Talmy licensed the tracks to streaming services in 2022
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